Vale – Iris Hocking


Iris “Nat” Hocking (nee Nattrass born McGeorge) worked with Natmap during the early years when the Natmap offices were at Gregory Hall in St Kilda.


As one of about a dozen ladies in Natmap’s employ at that time, Iris worked on among other things, slotted template assembly for control intensification for photomapping and the R502 1:250,000 scale mapping.


At Natmap she met and later married Dave, who was undertaking astro-fixes as the primary control for such mapping.


In later years both Dave and Iris attended many national and international surveying and mapping related conferences with Dave referring endearingly to Iris as “his bag carrier”!


All Natmap mourns the passing of another of its family.




Iris Hocking (left photo at right rear), circa early 50s, taken at the rear of Gregory Hall

and Dave & Iris in August 1985 on the occasion of Dave’s retirement.