Map of Antarctica showing Enderby Land in relation to Australia's Mawson Base. Trish McMaster holding Jarrett with Kirstyn at her feet. Nella Dan off Mawson in 1975. Carl with the Nella Dan off Mawson in 1975. National Mapping expeditioners (L_R) Oz Ertok, John Manning, Andrew Greenall, Mike Morgan, Carl McMaster. Bringing Pilatus Porter aircraft ashore from ship. Carl and Vin Morgan at Mawson. Carl surveying, Enderby Land. Enderby Land camp. Carl observing with Wild T3 theodolite. Survey camp. Carl, Enderby Land. Carl at feature now bearing his name. Peter Hill operating Tellurometer EDM. Camp with Peter Hill. Helicopters at Mt King depot. Shipboard festivities (L_R) Oz Ertok, John Manning, Nella Dan's Danish Captain, Carl McMaster. Original Proclomation signed by Mawson found by Peter Hill and Carl McMaster at Proclamation Island, January 76 (forty years later). Russia's Molodeznahya base. Carl with Russian scientists and their transport. Loading Porter onto barge to return it to ship at completion of flying season 1976. Carl on return to Australia. Newspaper photograph. javascript lightbox galleryby v6.1