Vale Scrivener Building


A week or so ago (late July 2021) an email circulated that said that the Scrivener Building in Fern Hill Park, Belconnen, was to be demolished.


On 8 August 2021, Russell Wenholz advised that a friend sent me the picture above (taken a few weeks ago) of where the Scrivener Building used to be. I could  not recognise anything……..


……..I checked it out at the weekend - now a NO ENTRY construction site. I took the photo above in which I could recognise the kerb at the entry off Thynne Street to the smalll circle [Dunlop Court] that gave access to  the Scrivener Building - that's all that remains. It would be about 30 years old.


Some history

Lambert Building constructed in Fern Hill Park’s, green fields, circa 1986.


1986 the Don Gray Building opened alongside the Lambert Building.


1991 the Scrivener Building opens, entrance and western side; last occupied by us 2003.


Circa mid 1990s, Dunlop Court with Don Gray Building through trees left, Lambert Building ahead and Scrivener Building right.


This Power Point titled Memories was among other photographs etc in the archive; source and date unknown.