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Oral History

    Oral histories given by National Mapping pesonnel, as recorded by the National Library of Australia, can be accessed via this link. Many of these interviews are indexed so that one may listen only to an area of interest. Available on line are John Allen, Ruth Dodd, Bill Hirst, Frank Leahy, Carl McMaster, Ian O'Donnell, Jack Pittar, Paul Trezise, Bob Twilley and Charlie Watson. Drew Clarke, Colin Kimber, Syd Kirkby, John Manning, Alan Swift and Con Veenstra are only available at the NLA.

    The following earlier interviews (not indexed) are also available :
    Bruce Philip Lambert's 1989 interview with Bryne Goodrick is available via this link;
    Anthony Gerald Bomford's 2002 interview with John Farquharson is available via this link; and
    Byrne Ernest Goodrick's interview with Murray de Plater between 1990 and 1993 is available via this link.