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Submissions to XNATMAP

Please read the requirements about submissions to this site before sending them to the address for communications shown here.

  1. XNATMAP welcomes the submission of articles, photos and any other material for publication on the site. Contributions from non-Natmappers are also welcome provided they are about Natmap and/or its people/history.
  2. The XNATMAP website is a non-commercial site supported by the members. No material promoting products or services can be accepted.
  3. Any material provided MUST contain the Contributors name, postal address, contact telephone number and email address to ensure material is "bona fide" and "traceable".
  4. The material should not be embarrassing, indecent or include other peoples contact details. A degree of "political correctness" needs to be maintained.
  5. Use of Peoples names. The Contributor's name will normally be published/acknowledged. Where a submitted article, photo etc mentions a name the Editor(s) will ensure that no one will be embarrassed or offended by being named. Nicknames or Initials can be used provided, again, they are not offensive.
  6. The Contributor will be informed if the Editor(s) rejects or requires substantial changes to an article. An Editor is not required to rewrite material.
  7. Editor(s) is/are NOT responsible for the accuracy of any information but can query content with the Contributor if it is believed it is necessary.
  8. Submission of articles should be in MS Word (preferably) or as text.
  9. GA/NatMap maps, or parts thereof, may be used to help illustrate places or areas described, as XNATMAP has copyright permission for their use on the site. This use is governed by the Copyright clause in the Copyright Section on the Copyright and Disclaimers page.
  10. Submission of images should be in JPEG format at a minimum of 1800dpi raw resolution.
  11. The copyright of all material provided by members to this site remains the property of those members. This means that while you may download any photo or words from any contribution on this site, for non-commercial use, the name of the Contributor and the name of the Site MUST be acknowledged if the photo(s) or words are used in another document/publication of any sort.