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Manuals or Brochures

  • Wild T4 Theodolite - Universal Instrument-Instructions for use (courtesy Bill Kitson and Kaye Nardella, Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying, Land and Spatial Information, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Queensland; recently received by the Museum along with former Natmap Wild T4 (S/N:56901, manufactured circa 1956) from the University of Queensland. A brief summary of the four known Wild T4 theodolites used in Australia may be viewed via this link.
  • Wild T3 Theodolite technical brochure.
  • Kern DKM3a Theodolite technical brochure.
  • Wild T2 Theodolite technical brochure. The T2's use in Natmap is described in detail via this link
  • Aircraft camera, Type F24 Manual.
  • Aerial Survey Camera, Wild RC10, The New Wild RC10 Film Camera by Borman, Gert E, Photogrammetric Engineering, October 1969, pp.1033-1038.

  • Watts Autoset Level technical brochure.
  • Keuffel & Esser's, K+E Solar Ephemeris for 1969 and Surveying Instrument Manual