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  • Standard Specifications for Horizontal and Vertical Control by the National Mapping Council of Australia were published in 1953 (NMO/53/11.2), and appear to be one of the very first National Mapping Council publications. It should be noted that this document was prepared at a time when triangulation was the norm and EDM yet unproven.
  • Training Notes for National Mapping Field Survey Staff were compiled by Reginald Arthur Ford, Senior Technical Officer, while he was the Training Officer for the Melbourne Office. After many years of field experience, Reg documented most of the Nat Map Melbourne's accepted field survey procedures and methodologies covered by these notes. As such this document represents the consistent approach provided to and expected from all involved in field surveys during the 1960s-70s. These notes were never published but just photocopied as required. This web version was derived from the personal copies provided by a number of Natmappers and their cooperation is appreciated. While every effort has been made to ensure correct conversion, users may find minor inconsistencies in the text and tables.

  • Specifications for Second Order Tellurometer Traversing.
  • Completed pages of a Ground Control Traverse field book showing sets of horizontal and vertical angles, MRA-2 Tellurometer measurements and reductions, ecce correction and station mark observations and reductions. Note the the field book is compiled from available pages and therefore the station numbering is inconsistent but observations sets are complete (courtesy Bill stuchbery & Ted Graham).
  • The National Mapping Council Standard Specifications and Recommended Practices for Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys was the bible for many of us in the 1960s & 70s.
  • First Order Angular Control by H.A. Johnson was written in 1962 a few years before the completion of the Australian geodetic survey. While the paper deals with many technical issues HA's lead in gives an insight into the philosophies and practices adopted by Natmap for this project.
  • Specifications for observing first order horizontal angles, simultaneous vertical angles and simultaneous reciprocal azimuths with the Wild T3 theodolite (circa 1960s).
  • A set of specifications for Geodetic Triangulation in the United States : Gossett, Franklin Rice (1959), Manual of Geodetic Triangulation, Coast and Geodetic Survey, Special Publication (SP) 247, US Government Printing Office, Washington.